Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Fashion Design
LCI Bogotá

Art installation: "What colour is the sea?"

Seamstress: Diana Garcia "What Colour is the Sea? was selected in an open competition as a winning entry for a public art commission on Orchard Place in East India Quays in London. It has been carried out between October 2013 and February 2014. The proposal was made in collaboration with Felipe Martinez-Villalba and curated by Fourth Wall Creations. " Daniel A. http://danielayat.com/

First sketch for the

Sketch for the art installation

First sketch for the flags. They were going to be made out of fabric and the pole was going to be out of welded steal.

The Flags were made

Fabrics for the flags

The Flags were made out of a knitted fabric that let the air flow through them to avoid strong wind resistance to break them.

Fashion Design/LCI Bogotá/Finished Flags installed

Finished Flags installed