Karina Stephenson

Karina Stephenson

Fashion Design
LCI Barcelona

HINGE Final Collection

Masters in Fashion Design at Felicidad Dulce LCIBarcelona

The women of ‘Hing

HINGE - Photoshoot

The women of ‘Hinge’ collections will love the sleek & sophisticated designs and will definitely have a fascination and love of Art or hand crafted sculpture. The women will be confident, extremely adventurous and not afraid to stand out in a crowed. Statement pieces are her thing!

HINGE - Final Collection

The inspiration and concept behind ‘Hinge” is based on the body & how the outer garment is acting as a box, hinged over the body, keeping it contained and protected. The hand made materials developed from the embedded layers within the trunk of a tree or a weave of a basket, using natural and recycled materials. ‘Hinge’ casual eveningwear is a contemporary womenswear collection for the modern artisan women of today, with the ages range between 20-35. It’s a tightly edited wardrobe of classic pieces mixed with hand weaved wool through rubber matting and Plastic materials. The collection focuses on longevity and quality rather than fast fashion.

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This collection has a playful, boyish theme and takes a slight reference to ‘Patty Smith’ in terms of slim fitting classic trousers. The essence of this collection is not only the sophisticated, hourglass silhouette but also the textures and fabrics, which are evident throughout each design. The colours are coherent with the collection. Sophisticated and classic, with subtle sky blue, black and many different shades of grey & finally just a tint of burgundy leather to enhance the pockets or collar.