Clarisa Stephanie

Clarisa Stephanie

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Jakarta

LUMINESCENCE - Final Capsule Collection

Inspired by the astonishing winter panorama of northern Finland country, the collection representing what the eyes had ever seen beautifully through each garment. Snow falls paint everything becoming white, with lights iluminating the surrounding area which are always foggy day or night. Luminescence - emission of light by a substance in low temperature that can be happened by atomic movement & chemical reaction, is the applicable phrase to describe the scene. A-Line silhouette of the collection inspired by the igloo houses famous in Finland. Lots of ruffles in the collection inspired by Aurora Borealis that is prominent in the northern country. White color obviously applied to the Luminescence for sophisticated urban women of 20-30 years old. White transparent fabric used at most to give more effects of Luminescence, such as organza, and tulle, implemented with satin bridal, georgette, and chiffon fabric. Glittered silver jacquard fabric also used to give a little bit more deluxe and color stood by the white color. Twigs embroideries and spreading sand beads are implemented in the collection representing the winter view of frozen twigs by the cold, and seeds of lights happen through luminance proccess.

Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Moodboard


Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Inspiration Board and Color Scheme

Inspiration Board and Color Scheme

Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Fabric Story

Fabric Story

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