Dylan Ribkoff

Dylan Ribkoff

Fashion Design

Inter-Dec College | Montréal


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Arts and Literature, Business, Culinary & Food Service Management, Fashion Design, Marketing and E-Business, Product Design, Tourism


Making clothes that people want to wear is what makes me happy. I remember the first piece of clothing I ever successfully directed. I use the word directed because to use the word "designed" would be inaccurate, seeing as how I lacked the experience or skills necessary to contribute to the piece's conception in any way other than to direct those with said skills. Anyhow, I remember googling the difference between fabrics and the terminology used to describe what I wanted, sitting with the pattern maker; "It has to fall like this, not like that!", I'd exclaim. When the day came that I got to show the sample to my friends; everybody wanted one - and were wiling to pay! Heck, I'd have done this just to break even, I remember thinking. I had a runner, as they call it. And so here I am, a senior in all of my classes, because any good director should know how to work a camera.

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