Anika Schachtler

Anika Schachtler

Interior Design
Inter-Dec College | Montréal

Church Street Cafe

Church Street cafe is a casual eating and drinking restaurant with a friendly atmosphere in an industrial space accompanied with neutral colors to keep the space feeling bright and open. the building which is situated in Montreal is a old industrial building which i have based my concept off of. i used the existing brick and concrete to preserve the industrial feeling and also added other industrial elements and furniture to enhance the concept i want to achieve. my industrial concept was evaluated from a customer and employe standpoint. the layout promotes productivity and provides a comfortable space for customers to sit and relax.

Interior Design/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Bar


Interior Design/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Front view

Front view

Interior Design/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Dinning including the high individual seating and blue banquet

Dinning including the high individual seating and blue banquet

Interior Design/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Mezzanine view from the lounge seating

Mezzanine view from the lounge seating

Interior Design/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Top view

Top view