Christina D'Amore

Christina D'Amore


LaSalle College | Montréal


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Business, Event Planning, Tourism


I am a graduating student at LaSalle College in which I will be receiving a DEC in Tourism and moving on to become a professional employee in the future of the tourism industry. I would love to pursue a career in event planning in which creativity, leadership and management skills will be put to the test and I am able to express my very own ideas with a team or a company.

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Language Skills
- English, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish
Computer Skills
- Reservations Systems (Sabre and Apollo), Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Customer Service
Polite and Respectful
Satisfies customers needs and wants
Quick Learner
Team Player
Leadership Skills
Stress Management
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Event Planner


2011 - Present: Sales Associate at Chaussures Marino
2013 - Volunteer at Santropol Roulant for a weekend
2013 - Touristic guide at Fenway Park for a day


2003 - 2009: Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary School
2009 - 2014: Lester B Pearson High School
2014 - 2017: LaSalle College

- Courses at LaSalle College:
- Responsible Tourism: We learnt about protected areas, World Heritage Sites, UNESCO, Ecotourism, UNWTO and the Global Code of Ethics, Tourism and its undesirable effects, Alternative forms of Tourism, The Amazon Rainforest and Green Hotels.
- Cultural and Touristic Attractions: We learnt about the attractions of Canada & USA, Caribbean & South America/Central America, Europe & United Kingdom, Africa & The Middle East, Asia & The South Pacific.
- Marketing: Strategy, Promotion & Research. We learnt PESTLE, SWOT Analysis, Products & Services, Mission & Vision, Location & Community Analysis, Primary Competitor Analysis, Market Potential Analysis, Services, Positioning, Segmentation (Market Segmentation, Target Markets), Marketing Objectives, 8 P's (Product, Price, Place, People, Partnership, Programming, Promotion, Packaging), SEO, Budget, Control & Evaluation, Situation Analysis, Trends, Distribution, Advertising, Pricing, Quality and Services, The Industry, The Client, The Agencies, IMC & Medias, Branding, Logos & Magazine Ad, Print Media, Broadcast Media, Online Media, Media Planning, Public Relations, Websites & Blogs and how to create a Marketing Plan.
- Accounting & Financing: We learnt GST, PST, Journals, Balance Sheet, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Cash Flow Budget, Vertical Analysis, Horizontal Analysis, Pricing, Income Statement, Break-even Point, Break-even Analysis, Gross Profit Margin, Financial Statements and Fixed Variables.
- Creation of Packages: We learnt how to create group packages, Tailor made Tours, FIT packages, All Inclusive Packages, Supply & Demand, Events, Event Planning, ITC Calculations, Hotel Contracts and Excursions.
- Tourism & Careers: We learnt about the different types of products and the big name chains that are offered in the tourism industry, such as: Cruises, Hotels, Flights, Trains, Trends & Predictions, Tourism Jobs, Associations, Entrepreneurship, Comparisons, Tourism Vocabulary (Words used in the hotel, cruise and flight companies), Emerging Products, Sun Destinations, Specialized Tours, Terms & Conditions, Insurance and Local Products.
- Professional Relationships in Tourism: We learnt on how to act professionally in the industry, such as: The seven steps of hospitality, The five attitudes, Communication in general, Non-verbal communication (Body Language) and Protocols of business and different types of cultures.
- Distribution & Reservation Networks/Systems: We learnt the technology vocabulary, Computing tools such as: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Advanced search and Google, Boolean operators, Copyright, Generations, Opaque websites, SoftVoyage, PC Voyage where we had learnt how to create invoices, we learnt about Sirev where we had been taught about commissions, net prices and taxes of flights, hotels and packages, Viator, Desintermediation, Website analysis, Group buying websites, comment websites where we had learned how to respond and to negative and positive comments, Social media and Online travel agencies. The biggest aspect that we had learnt were the reservation systems such as Apollo and Sabre, where we learnt the tourism alphabet, airport and city codes, hotel and car reservations, how to create a PNR, how to add special requests, how to book a flight and issue its ticketing time limit, we learnt how to encode and decode cities, countries, airlines, etc... We learnt how to integrate open jaws, an itinerary, car rentals, and lastly, we learnt how to make modifications to the PNR.
- Managing a work team: We learnt how to be leaders and work within a group, how to have proper customer service, Management, Job Analysis, Recruitment process, Selection process, Meeting management, Time management, Conflict management, Organizational skills, Motivation, Performance appraisal, Supervisory practices and Mobilization.
- Communication & Technology: We learnt how to be touristic guides on city tours where we had assignments to study our own city and guide a group through specific attractions and monuments, we learnt how to answer and write professional letters, how to answer and fix complaints, how to critic restaurants and hotel companies and how to present countries and attractions in a persuasive way. All of these assignments were learnt and accomplished in our second language which is French.
- Selling Tourism Products: We had learnt about different types of personalities in the industry and how to deal with each type of personality in the workforce, we learnt about first impressions, persuasion, the steps to a proper sale, and the different types of motivations that different clients will have and how to satisfy those motivations.

Honors and Awards

- Elementary Honor Student
- High School DiplomaI

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