gisele kameni

gisele kameni

LaSalle College | Montréal


I had time to grow and experiences life enough to be able to say today that am confident and ready to find a job in my field of study. I am half way thought my program but any chance would be welcome a this point even as a voluntary worker.

My background

Am originally from Cameroon even though I grew up here, am very proud to be able say I was educated with two different cultures, Canadian and African. There's a misconception of what Africa look like so therefore, I found this little video showing places in Cameroon, you can enjoy.

Bien dans mes basket

High school first job experiance:Bien dans mes baskets

Bien dans mes baskets was a program offered only at Jeanne-Mance high school. Trainers choosed around 4 students from either sec 4 or 5 and those students had to train elementary students from grade 3 to 6. I can't find any picture from that time except these ones, but you can actually google the program now days and found a lot information and pictures about it since the program got bigger.

Am not someone who v

Voluntary work

Am not someone who volunteers a lot now days, not because I don t like it but unfortunately because I have less time to do it. When I was younger I volunteered for two big event in Montreal witch are: la Grande Gignolée and tour de l'Île de Montreal. I even tried to be a voluntary worker at YMCA but they never called me. It's something I enjoy doing and will always be ready to participate if time allow me too.

Logement FFAG

This is a project I did last semester with a few of my classmates. I really like the idea that came out of the project and would like to eventually make it more then just a project and maybe make it a reality. the idea is basically be able to offers foreign student housing with service included such as a library, gym class, leisure room, internet, and many more at a competitive price. They wouldn't t have to go through a credit check since must of them don't have any when they arrive in Canada and wouldn't have a lease to respect. There's a lot to be said about it, in the link above you'll find the details. It's in French because my diploma it's a bilingual.

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