Jill St Juste

Jill St Juste

LaSalle College | Montréal

"A Kiss of Spring"

Winter Semester 2016, for a class, Advertising and Promotion, I had a group project to create an ad for a company of our choosing using Adobe Photoshop. We decided to chose a cosmetic company, MAC, and to promote their lipstick line. I had an idea of how the ad should look but I had no experience in using Adobe Photoshop. However, I did not let that stop me from trying to achieve the vision I had. I spent hours on YouTube learning as much as I can about the software. With some help from my colleagues, we created the ad, "A Kiss of Spring."

Business/LaSalle College | Montréal/5ewyywh7zof8lofy4tt9dbzwr3pvtrnr

Other Credits

Laura Patricia Salazar Suero, Junghoon Lee, Francisco Alberto Sulbaran Sanchez