Jill St Juste

Jill St Juste

LaSalle College | Montréal

Sword of Revenge - A Movie

After seeing a play, Butcher, with my English class, I had a group project where we either change the beginning, change the end, or continue the play. The play is about a woman, Elena, who goes through an elaborate plan to seek revenge on a man, Josef, who tortured her and many others when she was a young girl. Elena forces Josef's son, Marko to kill his father for his crimes and disappears and leaves Marko to live with the nightmare of killing his father. I decided that we should continue the play where her guilty conscious in the form of her younger self and Marko make her realize the error of her actions. I worked hard to put all the shots together; adding music, transitions, credits, and even bloopers at the end for laughs. Take a look and watch the video if you haven't already. :-)

In this scene, young

Battle my Conscious

In this scene, young Elena and Marko are asking Elena if she did the right thing.

Other Credits

Luis Fernando Gaviria Casa, Laura Patricia Salazar Suero