Anthony Iannantuono

Anthony Iannantuono


LaSalle College | Montréal


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Arts and Literature, Business, Culinary & Food Service Management, Education, Event Planning, Human Resources, Interior Design, Languages, Marketing and E-Business, Photography, Product Design, Social Sciences, Tourism


If you are looking for a team player who understands the dynamics of hard work, consistency and synergy I am your greatest asset. Although I am a team player and understand that the team comes first I am very competitive. I do not do anything without wanting to be the absolute best. I love sports, specifically team sports. I am extremely enthusiastic and probably the most optimistic person on earth. I believe any day that you haven't learnt something is a waste of time. For security reasons please contact me through Facebook or email;

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Personal skills- Extremely outgoing, natural leader, hard worker, honest, patient.
My biggest personal asset is empathy, I can always place myself in someone else's shoes to understand what is expected of me in order to minimize conflict.

Hands on skills- Painting (cutting, rolling, gun, wallpaper, epoxy, artistic paintings and design), Plaster, Carpentry Finishing (Floors, Trims, Doors, Cabinets, Accent Walls), Demolition, Ceramics (Floors, Backslash, Counter tops).


I have been working since I was 14 but since not all jobs are relevant to my present field of work we will start in 2010, just when I graduated high school.

2010- 2012 Jarry Auto Parts/ Shipper. My job was to double check pieces and make sure they were shipped to the proper locations.

2012-2013 Les Peintre FAB/ Painter. I started working as an apprentice painter learning the construction industry, specifically the painting field.

2013-2015 Ambiance Peinture/ Painter/ Foreman. After a year of showing great improvement my boss made me a foreman. Being the fastest, cleanest and most enthusiastic painter in the company my boss made me assemble a small team of workers which I had to delegate. I also had to work with the general contractors, safety inspectors and promoters to stay on schedule, respect the working norms as well as the budget.

2016 Peinture Europe/ Painter, Spray man. Although I loved my previous job I had never learnt to spray paint (industrial painting with a spray-gun) because the previous company did not spray. When the opportunity came to finally be able to learn I accepted that position without hesitation.

2014-Present Day. I opened up a painting and varnishing company which quickly expanded to home renovation and finishing. This is my passion and is what I live for, however I do not have enough contacts or contracts to do this work full time.


Centennial Academy 2005-10

Vainer College 2010-13 (1 year of day school, 2 years night school)

Lasalle College 2016-18

Honors and Awards

Academic art award two years in a row (secondary 4-5).

Rookie Rugby award in secondary 1.

MVP Rugby award in Secondary 4.

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