Charlotte  Trudel

Charlotte Trudel

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Mini knitwear collection

This project was inspired by the WGSN trend Elemental for autumn/winter 2016/17. This trend is particularly minimalist and plays with elements of nature. Its key features are its soft colors, the abundance of textures and the use of natural fibers.

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For this project I w

Inspiration board

For this project I was mostly inspired by nature, the way water flows creating paths over time as well as the patterns wind forms on sand dunes and rocky mountains. The colors are very soft and natural, all which could be found in the beautiful sceneries that earth has given us. As for the silhouette, I was fascinated by the big, oversized handknitted sweaters that are made artisanally and decided to play with these soft dreamy textures for my designs.

One of the goals of

Knit patterns

One of the goals of this project was also to master making patterns and brushes in Adobe Illustrator as well as understanding different types of knits which can be mass produced in the fashion industry.

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