Charlotte  Trudel

Charlotte Trudel

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Edge of Reality

Futuristic haute couture fashion collection. Made in collaboration with Anastassia Astapova

Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Montréal/Titile Page

Titile Page

The inspiration cons

Inspiration collage

The inspiration consists of textured 3D fabrics, sleek cuts with a futuristic feel and a minimalistic feel.

These are the first

Possible designs

These are the first sketches that I made for this project

The two outfits I ha

Chosen designs

The two outfits I have designed and illustrated are the one worn by the purple haired girls.

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For this project, we

Fabric manipulations

For this project, we had to manipulate fabrics. For this step, I have created the two left fabrics by making chevron pleats on the first and creating an optical illusion by layering the fabric on the second.