Charlotte  Trudel

Charlotte Trudel

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Dior - Ava Gardner

A historical project inspired by Dior's New Look of the 1950s. In this project, I approach designing what the great actress Ava Gardner would have worn in this time period.

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Ava Gardner was born


Ava Gardner was born in 1922 to poor cotton and tobacco farmers in North Carolina. In 1941, she signed a contract with MGM studios and her career finally started. However it was only around the 50s that she became a top actress. Her love life was a rollercoaster, between the years of 1942 and 1957, she married three times and divorced three times. Her first two marriages, to Mickey Rooney and Artie Shaw, lasted no much longer than one year and left her devastated. As for her third husband, Frank Sinatra, even though the relationship itself was wild and difficult, she describes him as the love of her life. In her personal life, she mostly did whatever she wanted. She openly dated married men, had a few affairs while married, courted bullfighters and drank as much as she wanted. Ava did not believe in her own acting and often criticized the movie industry and stardom society. She may not have been one of the most talented actresses of her time but she was loved by the camera; as soon as it turned on, the audience could only be mesmerized by her beauty. “I was lazy. I would have been a hell of a lot better actress had I taken it more seriously. I never had the proper respect for acting. Quite often, I learned my lines on the way to the studio.” Ava is still described as one of the most beautiful actresses in hollywood history. It was said that she had the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. Her image mostly consisted of the femme fatale, sexy and sensual. Her sultry voice and looks seducing as much her co-stars as her audience.

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