Charlotte  Trudel

Charlotte Trudel

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Freakshow- Enitan Onyekachi

Enitan Onyekachi (The white Shaman/Albino Woman) Name meaning: Person of Story (Enitan) Who is greater than God (Onyekachi). Africa, on the first day of the year 400, a newborn was abandoned at the door of the witch of a southern tribe. The poor girl was cursed. Her skin was as pale as the moon on the darkest night and behind the pinkish glow of her eyes, her stare seemed old, as though she had already seen too much. Her affliction, the witch had said, was the curse of being stuck between two worlds, traveling along the dead and being able to come back. Her strange abilities were fascinating to some, yet most feared her with every fiber of their being. The mystery of the child brought great distraught to the once peaceful tribe. Days passed and the people were still unable to decide whether to kill the infant or not. It was only after great reflection that a very old man, who had nothing left to loose, took it upon himself to take the girl. Through his actions, the man became an outcast and yet lovingly raised the girl for the years he had left. When he saw his death was coming, the man left the now few years old child in the care of a shaman. This new sanctuary permitted her to develop her powers and learn new tricks. She helped her guardian to make potions and learned the art to see the future through bones and fire. However, the sorcerer also pushed her to develop her powers with the dead. He often sent her on errands in the underworld, asking her to bring back riches and vanished knowledge. Through her, the shaman gained popularity and through this newfound following more and more started to know about the cursed child. The more people knew of her existence the clearer it became that it was dangerous for her to stay where she was. It is therefore that, near the age of adulthood, she fled what she called home and headed north, towards the roman empire, where she was told by the dead that she would not be hunted. In order to survive, she offered her services to many, never staying long in a certain place. Two years in her travel to safety, a strange woman entered her shop. The woman was not what she was used to seeing, nothing seemed to be afflicting her and the way she was standing with confidence told her she wasn’t there for the usual divining. Miss Volatile, she was called. Safety and immortality were what she offered the cursed girl and without any questions asked the deal was done. However, little did she know that she had just agreed to a bitter never-ending life of slavery.

Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Montréal/Final result

Final result

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First designs

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Chosen and developed design

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Secondary design

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