Caressa Kezia

Caressa Kezia

LaSalle College | Jakarta

Animal - Chimpanzee

Class: Mammalia (Mammals), Order: Primates,Family: Hominidae,Genus: Pan,Species: troglodytes, Chimpanzees are very familiar to us humans, perhaps because so much of their behavior reminds us of ourselves. They are considered great apes, just like gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos.There is no hair on a chimpanzee’s face, hands, or feet, but the rest of its body is covered with either long black or brown hair.Female chimps in the wild usually give birth for the first time when they are between 12 and 15 years old.

Beauty/LaSalle College | Jakarta/bla1ftqco2hjkhtdqkwwtqvly15lrwrx
Beauty/LaSalle College | Jakarta/l0o1vqkbklj8dmtbgj2uijj8lbukxugx
Beauty/LaSalle College | Jakarta/z3f5h3fwf24bpyceurgsmfd8p7xt83pu

Other Credits

Model : Pur
Photographer :Anton /Digo