Marshal Crowchild

Marshal Crowchild

Culinary & Food Service Management
LaSalle College Vancouver

The Moments that Matter

through my time in school i have defiantly seen a huge impact on my everyday life of making food for friends and family and also having fellow friends from school hosting Sunday night diner cook off challenges this being said about 7 students and myself will pick from a hat and randomly draw names of who our Sunday night diner hosts and chefs will be who ever is chosen will have the week to come up with a menu and drink choices along with calculating food costs for him or herself to be reimbursed the cost of goods ton make the dinner it was a fun little challenged here are the foods students came up with along with mine and served in the buffet style

roasted chicken & ve


roasted chicken & vegetables with mash accompanied with chicken gravy

though they made a b


though they made a breakfast themed dinner it was still the effort that counted

here i made roast be


here i made roast beef with a small roasted chicken and mash&gravy it took me so much prep work and costed the group only $25 for a huge meal