Cudney Danielle

Cudney Danielle

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Whiteout Fairytale

Beauty and The Beast (The Wild Wild West addition) When you first read beauty and the beast the morals of the story become clear very quickly: the importance of family, the pain of prejudice and that true love will always find away. These themes are seen often throughout media and for me growing up westerns where often the story telling format of choice. Westerns often deal with grey areas and characters when it comes to justice and love and frequently deal with the prejudices that come with that. Including characters like outlaws and anti-heroes that often save the day despite our original feelings or those of the other characters. Westerns also place a high ideal of personal justice and taking matters into your own hands which I think is interesting in telling beauty and the beast. In the end I want to tell a story where beauty rises in the defense of her father takes justice into her own hands taking on the outlaw herself and discovering along the way that maybe there’s a little more to a person then their place in society. Both story telling formats (fairytale and western) want to tell us a story with a moral and while they both may aesthetically be very different in the end they are reaching for higher ideals. When it came to design choices I decided I wanted to keep a very historically accurate base while adding the whimsical elements of fairytales over top.

Final costume with a

Final costume with whimsy

Final costume with a bit extra

Final costume blouse

final costume

Final costume blouse and pants with accessories

Original sketch for

final drawing

Original sketch for final costume

Second design possib

secondary proposal

Second design possibility for Beauty