Cudney Danielle

Cudney Danielle

Fashion Design
LaSalle College | Montréal

Suddenly last summer

“cut this hideous story from her brain!” The year is 1936 and Mrs. Venable, an elderly woman from a prominent local family, has invited Doctor Sugar to her home in the Garden district of New Orleans. During the course of their conversation,she offers to make a donation to support the doctor’s research if he will perform a lobotomy on Catharine, her niece, who has been confined to a private mental asylum since returning to America due to the girls ‘views’ on the death of her son Sebastion who died a year before in Europe while on vacation. When Catherine arrives at the home to tell her story what is truth and what is fiction comes into question. For my rendition of the play I was looking through the lense of biblical stories due to their prominence in the deep south, especially in a place like New Orleans Specifically though, “not everything seems to be right in the Garden of Eden” was my primary inspiration.

Final design fort Ca

Catherine Holly

Final design fort Catherine

Final design for Mrs

Mrs. Holly

Final design for Mrs. Holly Catherines' mother

Final design for Mrs

Mrs. Venable

Final design for Mrs. Venable

Final design for Mis

Miss Foxhill

Final design for Miss Foxhill

Final design for sis

Sister Felicity

Final design for sister Felicity

Final design for Cat

George Holly

Final design for Catherines' brother George

Final design for Dr.

Dr. Sugar

Final design for Dr.Sugar