Danielle Leger

Danielle Leger

Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal

Artwork for Prismatique: Polar Bears

I am happy to have put this piece in LaSalle College's Nature Art Show that was done through Prismatique in December 2016. The text below is what is written on the small black paper, which describes how I feel my piece fits with the theme of "nature": ❄❄❄ All of the nature that we know exists on one planet, our planet Earth. At this time, as climate change and global warming are taking its toll on Earth, we must remember to always step back and realize we are all part of the same Earth; we are one. We are one with the Universe; one with Nature; one with the polar bears. By learning to treat all beings with equal respect and appreciate the beauty in nature, like the admirable trait of resilience in polar bears as they live out their days in some of the most dramatic climates, I think we can move forward towards helping them and those in nature who are in need. Falling in love with nature will only help us defend it better, through being aware and proactive with todays global warming issues. ❄❄❄

oil pastels and acry

Polar Bears

oil pastels and acrylic paint on canvas