Gabriel Cifuentes

Gabriel Cifuentes

LaSalle College | Montréal


Since 2013 I have been part of different soccer teams Colombia and Canada. I started playing a local tournament. The team is called "Equidad Seguros" and is a team from my city, Bogotá (Colombia), which plays in the first division of the nation tournament. I started training with the soccer school of the team and I played for one year in the local tournament. The following year, I moved ahead and I played in a more advanced category. That year I went to play "La Liga de Bogotá" which is one of the most important tournaments in my city. In 2015 I moved in Canada and played for the FC Saint-Hyacinthe. I performed fort that club playing in the soccer league of Quebec and the Cup of Quebec. I have also participated in a futsal tournament for FC Maskoutain in Saint-Hyacinthe. Currently, I am part of LaSalle College soccer team. I play as a winger or striker. We played a tournament with other universities from Ottawa, Outaouais and Montreal and we ended on the third place. Now we are playing the RSÉQ tournament which involves other colleges from Montreal. I expect to win that tournament and I am always looking forward to giving my best and improving every day.

Performing in the ma


Performing in the match LaSalle College vs Ottawa University

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