Jena Lynne Sapinoso

Jena Lynne Sapinoso

Marketing and E-Business
LaSalle College | Montréal


I was certified as a Sake Professional in 2014 by John Gaunter and the Sake Education Council. I have worked in many events in San Francisco presenting and teaching about the history, culture, and about sake making. Working almost a decade with in Japanese restaurants, I have developed a deep passion for the cuisine and libations.

From 2014-2015, I wo

Presenting Akitabare Kawashin Ginjo aka "Snow Diamond"

From 2014-2015, I worked at Akiko's Sushi Bar & Restaurant as the Sake Sommelier. It was at this mom-and-pop turned to San Francisco's Top 100 restaurant that I exercised my knowledge of Japanese cuisine and acquired my Sake Professional Certification.

Representing Word Sa

San Francisco Sake Day 2015

Representing Word Sake Imports, I gave tastings, information, and shared my experience about the selected breweries of this company.

In 2013, I visited t

Tedorigawa Mangekyo Nama Daiginjo aka "Kaliedoscope"

In 2013, I visited the family-owned sake brewery, Tedorigawa Brewery in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. Located at the coast of the Sea of Japan, this 150 year old brewery makes beautiful, light, well-crafted sake. Pictured above is Yasuyuki Yoshida, the youngest generation of the sake making family.

In 2012, I traveled

A Masumi Brewery Worker

In 2012, I traveled through five prefectures of Japan ending up in Nagano. In this sleepy lake town of Suwa is the Masumi Brewery who has been making sake for almost 400 years. Here, I was able to see hands on how sake was made and the legacy it carries. Pictured above is a Masumi Brewery worker checking the temperature of the sake that has been washed. I can still smell the sweet rice aromas.

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