Maria Valentina Guacci

Maria Valentina Guacci

Product Design
LCI Barcelona

T- Tree Nests

The idea behind “T-Tree Nests” was to realize a public space in the bothanical garden of Brera: a gazebo would be built in the center of said garden, in order to make an area - a space which will have a “familiar feeling”. For this gazebo, we decided to emulate the structure of the nests made by weaver birds and made an aluminium chain and artifcial hook. Some weaves will cover the structure, in order to make the structure look uniform. “L’architettura degli alberi” (The architecture of trees) is an essay written by Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi, analyzing the many tipes of trees. Among them is the one depictedi n our project: the Acacia.

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Collaboration with: Erika Giulia Virano