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Arina Solovyeva


Inter-Dec College | Montréal


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Arina Solovyeva’s great passion for beauty came to her upon graduating from College, in Russia with a degree in Archetctural Interior Design at Building College in Novokuznetsk, Russia. This passion started young with her friends and family who considered Arina to be a miracle worker on their faces. Arina Solovyeva decided to further her makeup knowledge by taking private classes with Olga Pristash, a well-established and recognized makeup artist in Russia who has won multiple international awards. This initial official introduction to makeup completely changed Arina’s life and allowed her to embrace her true passion; makeup! Arina Solovyeva quickly began working in the makeup field in her native Russia, building herself a regular and loyal client base. Arina then decides to pursue Olga Pristash’s Stage Makeup and Master Class Presentation to expand her already extensive cosmetic savoir-faire. Arina follows this incredible educational experience by competing in a Stage Makeup Competition in Novokuznetsk , Russia. Arina is an instant stand-out, she quickly ascends to winning first place in the Body Painting Makeup category. Arina’s incredible success in the field, inspires her to further her makeup career by studying abroad and learning the international makeup techniques of the world. She sets her sights on Montreal, Canada and enrolls in the Special |Effects and Satge Makeup Program at Inter-Dec College, member of Lasalle International. Arina’s teacher Pargol Tsavasolian encourages her strong student Arina to pursue her editorial skills in the Master Class with the always inspiring and amazing Jacques Besner. Arina’s talents make her a fast stand-out and her dedication to the craft is inspiring for all who know her. Arina has many strong makeup beliefs and greatly enjoys opportunities that allow her to push her elaborate creativity. Arina is a strong believer in clean, fresh looking skin, she adores the strong brow and working on faces the glow from an inner beauty and allow all the features to sit in perfect harmony. Arina Solovyeva has come to love the Western way of life and has decided to pursue her incredible career in Northa America. Once Arina’s schooling is done she will be approaching photographers, fashion houses, production companies and modeling agencies to help elevate her career and allow her to pursue the creative and commercial aspects of the field. Arina has high ambitions that match her exquisite talents, she will quickly become a reference in the makeup field that many will come to admire!

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by Arina Solovyeva
Inter-Dec College | Montréal
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• Beauty Make-up
• Body Art Make-up
• Bridal Make-up
• Editorial Make-up
• Fantasy Make-up
• Film/TV Make-up
• Glamour Make-up
• High Fashion Make-up
• Runway Make-up
• Special FX Make-up
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