Albert  Gracia Marco

Albert Gracia Marco

Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona


A new race, borns fruit of the cultural interchange, of the links between other races, inmigration, the continuous movement of information, trends, music, art... A new soldier, independent, who fights for peace, freedom and equality, a street warrior. There aren’t leaders, religions have disappeared, there aren’t men or women, gays, lesbians, blacks or whites.. THERE ARE HUMANS. Battles between luxury and poverty, between war and peace, the “wannabe”, the survivor... The continuous dilema about the search of peace through the war. The inequality between men and women. What leads religious fanaticism? To attack people because of their sex, their beliefs, their sexual orientation or simply because they don’t think like you? Why do some live bathing in gold, while other doesn’t have anything to eat? Why the money that could be intended to heal this poverty is spent on weapons? Why it is assumed that the destruction will lead to peace? Thats why i decided to invent a future, not a present, a future not so Far, in which the new generations like us, and even our children have grown up with another mentality, other ways of doing things, people wanting to change the world, to do better. YALA! Means “Hurry up!” So, go for it, fight for your rights, for freedom and for equality. Y A L A , Y A L A

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