erick lenhin torres perez

erick lenhin torres perez


LaSalle College | Montréal


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Administración, Ciencias Sociales, Marketing y Comercio Electrónico, Planificación de Eventos


I am an industrial engineer with many years of experience in different fields. I had worked as a manager in a bank and also in production enterprises. I had had own business for ten years, in parallel with my other charges. I have a broad knowledge of MS Office and other software. I have knowledge of marketing, processes, financial, and also new technologies. I am a multitasking person with the intention to develop my career.

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• High experience in administrative and office jobs.
• Background in financial areas and analysis economic viability for investment projects.
• High knowledge to prepare the sell and also the marketing of products and services.
• Strong knowledge of business intelligence and informatics tools.
• Develops and implantation of strategies for sales and controlling budget.
• Skills to creating, monitoring and controlling project management.
• Creativity and involvement at work
• A high sense of working team.
• English, French and Spanish.


2015– 2015 Maison Simons. Storekeeper:
• Received, stored and distributed all merchandise in this company.
• Assisted by the flow of sales.
• Received phone calls and solve problems.
• Provided service for the internal customer.
• Make minor repairs and adjustments in the store.
• Physical work.

2014 – 2015 Couche Tarde, Salesman:
• Direct sales.
• Customer services.
• Receive store and distribute all merchandise in this company.
• Solver customer complains.
• Merchandising.

2013 – 2014 Entraide Bénévole Montréal (EBM), Volunteer:

• Provided support and help to seniors with a loss of autonomy.
• Share activities and talking.
• Friendly visiting.
• Supplied grocery’s shopping.
• Supported physiological and emotional in some situation.

2011-2012 Parquettec C.A, Production and storage Manager:
• Managed all the production and storage of this company.
• Optimized the production and reduce cost.
• Prepared the logistics and distribution of products and services.
• Make delivery truck routes and installation plans.
• Coordinated the equipment and tools for the installers.
• Received all the merchandise national and international.
• Created quality control plans according to the standards and minimizes cost.
• Register every event in particular software to create tracking.
• Make work plans and build teams.
• Monitored downtime of equipment’s and took corrective actions.
• Reviewing production schedules, purchase orders and related information to track the material planning.
• Solved customer complaints.
• Improvements in the process of supply chains.
• Review in transport and distribution process.
• Responsible for making the stand for furniture convention.
• Cost reduction in manufacturing (55% approx.)

2009-2010 BBVA Provincial, Financial specialist in control and intervention
• Evaluate financial performance.
• Studied economic solvency for investment projects and profitableness.
• Followed up and interpreted of financial reports.
• Create and distribute monitoring reports over business planning.
• Prepare business meetings with C-leaders.
• Make PowerPoint for investors and senior executives.
• Summarized and evaluated data non-proceed.
• Applied statistical or mathematical calculations to make predictions.
• Automation of the process to received and consolidates accounting reports.
• Database actualization (paper to digital).

2008-2009 BBVA Provincial, Director of marketing agreements:
• Launched new products and services.
• Updated Key Performance Indicators.
• Prepared deals between the bank and others enterprises.
• Broadened customer network.
• I worked to generated fresh opportunities of business.
• Expanded the core business.
• Planned annual budget.
• Illustrated financial evolution.
• Training courses for new staff office.
• Responsible for the consolidation and presentation of the strategic plan of marketing.
• Agreement with government institutions and private enterprises.

2007-2008 BBVA Provincial, Specialist in consumer finance:
• Develop department of consumer finance in the sector lows income.
• Designed business plans and budget.
• Work simultaneously with other countries part of the group BBVA.
• Do business with international wholesalers and big retailers.
• Directed meeting with CEO’s.
• Won market share.
• Delimited KPI’s.
• I won an award for Customer Service.

2000-2007 BBVA Provincial, office director:
• Management by objectives.
• Customer services.
• Sold product and services.
• Prepared investor portfolio.
• Encouraged all the team to achieve institutional targets.
• Implemented sales strategies.
• Administrated collaborator’s task.
• Responsible for the income statement.
• Monitored cash flow.
• Supplying the formation and information to the team.
• I won in three different years an award for improving the result of my office. I got three awards to go to Panama, Margarita Island, and Colombia.
• I have received seven internal certificates named “Medanos” for improving some process and cut cost.
• I develop my office business to change my office for type D to type B. Where A is the scale of the bigger business and F is the smaller.
• Successfully manage the relationship between 45 people.


• 1999 Industrial Engineer, Mention Management. University “José Maria Vargas”.
(Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done Outside Québec June 2014)
• 2003 Magister Sc. Operation Research. University Central of Venezuela.
• 2010 Business process modeling. Simulation and research. IESA.
• 2013 English. MIIILA, Montreal International Institute of Language Arts, Montreal Canada.
• 2014 French. UQAM, Université du Québec à Montréal.
• 2015 Digital Marketing, (iab), Certificate Interactive Advertising Bureau
• 2016 Certificate of Proficiency for professional communication, McGill University. (Coursing)
• 2016 AEC Project Management, College La Salle. (Coursing)

Premios y distinciones

Other skills• System operative: Mac, OSX, DOS and Windows, Linux
• Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access), Microsoft Project, CAD,
• Lean Manufacturing, Networks, Quality Systems, Strategic and Tactical Planning

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