Bridget Gagné

Bridget Gagné

Planificación de Eventos
LaSalle College | Montréal

J-Music in Motion 2015

J-Music in Motion is a singing and dancing show feature Japanese music. 2015 was the 6th edition where I was both the director of the show and the MC.

The group 96*46 (Kur

96*46 (Kuro*Shiro*)

The group 96*46 (Kuro*Shiro*) performing the Para Para version of Cruel Angel's Thesis.

Planificación de Eventos/LaSalle College | Montréal/Myself as the MC

Myself as the MC

The solo dancer Liv


The solo dancer Liv peforming Gravity=Reality.

The group East2West


The group East2West performing Masayume Chasing.

The group 2KSquad pe


The group 2KSquad performing Super Neko World.

The duo Treblemaker


The duo Treblemaker peforming Hikaru Nara.

The trio A.Sweetie p


The trio A.Sweetie performing Short Hair.

The soloist Samichii


The soloist Samichii performing U&I.

The trio Zodiac perf


The trio Zodiac performing Alone.

Otros créditos

My assistant Ria
All the technicians and staff that made this show possible