Raphael Buholzer

Raphael Buholzer

Diseño Gráfico
LaSalle College Vancouver

Digital matte painting project - photo manipulation

The assigned project: photo manipulation using different Photoshop techniques - challenging was also finding the right image to start with due it makes the actual workflow way easier. I have to admit, combining different parts of images, matching them in tone and perspective, required great attention to details. If you want to leave me any feedback, you can drop them below in the comments boxes - thank you.

choosing a good star

choosing a good start :)

replacing the sky us

replacing the sky using layer masks

starting to destroy

starting to destroy buildings and bringing in textures from other images

trying to bring in f

trying to bring in fire textures and brushing smoke

bringing in more "de

bringing in more "details" :)

final touch up: chan

final touch up: changing the overall mood of the final drawing.