Fedor Dubiley

Fedor Dubiley

Diseño Gráfico
LaSalle College Vancouver

Captain Nemo Photography - Animals.

I have always been passionate about photography. My father bought me my first photo camera in 1981. It was time for film, darkrooms, and enthusiasm. Now, in our digital age, I moved my old hobby to the professional level. But still, like to play with "real" models - animals.

My first model to pr


My first model to practice was our cat, Garry.

Another character, f


Another character, female model - Lucy.

My friend's dog. I d

Just a dog.

My friend's dog. I don't remember his name. He has a very sad story...

I like to observe an


I like to observe and see wild critters around us.

I like people who ca

Pigeons feeding.

I like people who care about our "little" neighbors.

New generation, new

Stylish dog.

New generation, new style.

One day I took my ca

Urban dog.

One day I took my camera and just walk around my neighborhood looking for interesting shots. I found this dog patiently waiting for the owner outside of the restaurant. He didn't want to pose...

... but this "sad bo

Georgia Straight magazine.

... but this "sad boy" was picked by Georgia Straight Magazine and published! And made me very happy. Thank you, Georgia Straight!

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/Power!


Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/Relaxed.


Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/Grey.