Giulia D'Amico

Giulia D'Amico


LaSalle College | Montréal


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Administración, Fotografía, Marketing y Comercio Electrónico, Planificación de Eventos, Turismo


I am a student graduating in May 2017 from the Tourism Technique – Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products from LaSalle College. With all the academic knowledge and skills I gained throughout my years studying tourism, I am excited to apply them to my future in the industry.

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Walt Disney World

de Giulia D'Amico
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Tanzania pt 1

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LaSalle College | Montréal
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Tanzania pt 2

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LaSalle College | Montréal
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Tanzania pt 3

de Giulia D'Amico
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Tanzania pt 4

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LaSalle College | Montréal
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- Exceptional ability to stay professional when dealing with customers
- Clear communication skills aimed to understand customers needs and delivering corresponding services
- Ability to analyze problems and complaints from customers to deliver a proper customer service
- Build relationship with clients and customer satisfaction
- Capable of working under pressure
- Multilingual, spoken and written (English, French and Italian); strong communication skills
- Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
- Experience with social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
- Experience with Sirev, Apollo & Sabre


H&M - Montreal, Quebec (November 2016 - Present)
Sales Advisor
- Helping customers to locate garments
- Supporting clients in the fitting rooms
- Assisting clients at cash

Victoria's Secret - Montreal, Quebec (December 2015 - June 2016)
- Assisted customers at cash and closed cashes
- Organized and stocked products to ensure sufficient replenishment was made available
- Supported clients in the changing rooms
- Helped customers in locating certain products
- Markdowns for products going on sale and inventory while performing standard level

AFAR Experience (Conference) - Montreal, Quebec (June 25-28, 2015)
Tour Guide
- Responsible for guiding groups to each event
- Made sure each event was properly set up
- Verified each guests had everything they needed

Dollarama - Montreal, Quebec (July 2013 - January 2015)
- Assisted clients at cash and closed chases
- Helped customers in locating required products
- Organized and reorganized shelves to make they are neat and replenished if needed

Burger King - Montreal, Quebec (July 2012 - July 2013)
- Interacted with customers in order to receive orders
- Provided menu details to clients
- Organized/cleaned up the restaurant


LaSalle College - Montreal, Quebec (January 2015 - Present)
Tourism Technique - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products

Throughout my 3 years of studying Tourism Techniques, Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products at LaSalle College, I have gained knowledge with the courses I took.

We were able to explore the Culture and Tourist Attractions of Canada & United States of America, the Caribbean & Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia & South Pacific. While learning about the culture aspects of the countries, we were taught to take into consideration responsible tourism.

I took four marketing courses, which were Tourism Marketing, Marketing Research, Promotion, and Strategic Marketing in Tourism. We were taught how to show the products/services to our potential clients while reaching their needs and wants.

I had an accounting course, Accounting in Tourism and finance course, Financial Operations in Tourism that really help to understand the financing procedures. We had the opportunity to have two Reservation Systems courses learning about Apollo and Sabre.

We had courses that taught us how to create a Creation of Individual Packages and were put in a situation where we had to communicate with Destination Representative in another country to create realistic packages. With our Creation of Group Packages and Events, we had the opportunity to organize events to raise money for the Jeux du Tourisme that will be held at LaSalle College in April 2017.

In our final semester, we have a course made for our Final Project. In this class, we will work on our project that will be presented in front of professional from the Tourism Industry and we will be working on the Jeux du Tourisme event.

As sales are a large part of the Tourism industry, we have a course that helps us understand how to deal and communicate properly with our future clients.

With all of these courses throughout my studies, it has helped me gain knowledge and to be prepared for the future.

Dawson College - Montreal, Quebec (August 2012 - December 2014)
Business Management and Marketing - DEC (not completed)

LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School - Montreal, Quebec (June 2012)

High School Degree (French Immersion)