Byeonghoon Lee

Byeonghoon Lee


LaSalle College | Montréal


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I was born in Seoul, Korea. I finally came to come to Canada in 2012 because my parents told me that Canada will offer you more chances to study and succeed in. Now, this is my last semester to study in Business Management. My goal is to be a business analyst that gives people some advises to select their job.

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Marketing research project

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LaSalle College | Montréal
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I am an undisturbed and honest person.
I am able to control pressure and complete my assignment responsibly.
I am a good listener and a good adviser.
I am good at summarizing notes.
I am able to make people funny.


Sep 2015 ~ May 2018 : Studying Business management program(DEC) in LaSalle College

Premios y distinciones

My opinions used to be selected when I gave some opinions about my school in Korea.