Research Project: Twitter

This project was presented as a requirement for the conclusion of our Marketing Research course. The purpose of this Marketing Research is to respond to Twitter's request to help them determine why their company has fallen behind the competition. Our customer plans to use this in order to develop a future action plan. Therefore, we will conduct this marketing research project in order to provide our client with a report of our findings. During the development of this project basic research will be conducted to expand our overall knowledge about the company, rather than to solve a specific problem. With this acquired knowledge, we will be able to understand the current problematic and come up with possible solutions for the company's issues. The method used for this research will be exploratory in order to collect preliminary information about the company, followed by descriptive research in order to get more details on the market and on how the consumers act or react to Twitter, as previously seen in Marketing Research classes. Finally, the type of research used will be Quantitative Research, which will help us to get evidence to back up our assumptions. In addition, we are going to leverage in the knowledge imparted in the marketing research classes where we have the necessary tools to create a marketing research plan.

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Research Project

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