Erika Bourget

Erika Bourget

Maquillaje Artístico y Profesional
Inter-Dec College | Montréal

Story of Mani - Editorial

Once upon a time, an Indian girl moved to Canada for her studies.

Dressed with Indian

The arrival

Dressed with Indian traditional outit, Mani arrived to her new apartment. Her luggage was heavy, the flight was long but she feels ready for a new beginning. Indian makeup by Rosie

Proudly, she graduat

The graduation

Proudly, she graduated. Glamour makeup by Siham, Michelle, Rosie and Erika

Working hard to achi

Crashing for the final exams

Working hard to achieve her goals,Mani was studying for her final exams Natural makeup by Erika

On a beautiful sunse

The Wedding

On a beautiful sunset, Mani and her boyfriend celebrated their new beginning as a married couple. Bridal makeup by Rosie Man makeup by Michelle

Two years later, a b

The newborn

Two years later, a baby boy came in the young family. Mani knew she was going to be happy ever after. Sensual makeup by Siham Natural man makeup by Michelle

After her graduation

The proposal

After her graduation, her 3-year-relationship boyfriend surprinsingly asked to marry him. Glamour makeup by Erika

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Membres du projet
Mani Pharwaha (main character)
Rosie Pharwaha (mua)
Michelle Dajesa (mua)
François Ruiz Breton (model)
Siham Ghazi (mua)
Erika Bourget (mua)
Edouard (baby of Michelle et François)