Charlotte  Trudel

Charlotte Trudel

Diseño de Moda
LaSalle College | Montréal

Mission Vasilisa

Year: 3048 Location: Mars, Olympus Mons In the Year 2038, the official colonization of Mars began along with it’s terraforming. Teams of scientists began to install themselves in order to gather information but these teams soon became numerous and by the next few decades, they started calling themselves Martians. Slowly, more and more people started coming and the economy started developing. Now over one thousand years after the first step of its colonization, the Mars colonies are well established and dedicated to the terraforming of their planet.

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Since the mission of

General aesthetic

Since the mission of these people is terraforming, the overall aesthetic is very technical (Mars terraforming is calculated to take approximately 100 000 years). Pressure suits are a necessity as soon as you get out of the shelters, gloves with integrated heating are also necessary as well as helmets and oxygen tanks. For now, the use of glass or ice is highly used in the habitation concepts for future Mars, in a way where everything can be seen. However, knowing the Mars climate, we can assume every crack and surface will be covered is sand. Everything is white/clear but there is a forever to be there rusted layer over everything. This universe can also be separated in 3; Vasilisa and the knight’s reality, Baba Yaga’s Kingdom and the Tsar in the outer sky. Vasilisa’s reality, as well as the knight's, is to terraform Mars. They work every day of their life towards that goal. Which is why their universe is much more technical. They wear pressure suits every day, they work outside and sand has collected on their outfits over time. Baba Yaga’s reality is very different. She is in control of the market of any resources anyone would need on Mars and lives in her overbearing house over the Olympus Mons. The aesthetic of this world is almost oppressive in its dark lavishness. As for the Tsar, the aesthetic is overly clean and white. Everything is overly grand and imperial. The latest technologies are incorporated, nothing has been soiled by the reality of Mars.

The Tsar is the rule

The Tsar is the ruler of the Mars government. All important political and economic issues are discussed in his presence and all finding and actions from the SOL knights are passed by him. After all, he is the most powerful man of the Mars society. His citadel is located in the Mars orbit, free from all the sand storms and dirt from the surface. Hence the general stark white and silver aesthetic with a touch of military. Everything is well cut and perfectly tailored to him. The Tsar falls in love as soon as he sees Vasilisa and even against all recommendations from his ministers decides to marry her.

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The SOL knights are

The SOL knights are Martians part of the terraforming crew, which is divided into 3 categories: Medical (White), Research (Red) and Security (Black). The Medical team can be seen throughout the day visiting people as well as collecting data on water and air to make sure everything is under specific safety requirements. Research teams go out as soon as the sun goes up to unexplored parts of Mars in order to collect data on the subject such as possible lifeforms forming as well as soil pH and density, only to come back when the sun sets. As for the Security teams, they are barely seen throughout the day as they only come out if they are called and throughout surveillance rounds at night. Overall, they wear their base pressure suits, however, they often enjoy wearing clothes over them in order to give themselves a semblance of personality and express their personal style.

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Baba Yaga controls t

Baba Yaga controls the overall market of necessary resources that one would need in order to survive on mars (Oxygen, water, liquid hydrogen, etc.). She is known for her ruthlessness and as to give to others what they need, everything comes with a price. She is an overbearing character who radiates evilness. Her overall goal is to keep the monopoly of the market, of her power and richness. As for aesthetic, it is overall very dark. She is covered from head to toe by luxurious materials such as leather, silver and heavy silks (a very rare material on Mars). Her clothing gives off an almost religious and ceremonial feeling. She is overall very theatrical, her malevolent attitude showing through and leaves an impression on anyone who encounters her.

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The birch tree is th

The birch tree is the main computer of Baba Yaga’s residence. It is unknown what he really is, as his appearance is slightly unusual, but a common theory is that he once was an android that was lured by Baba Yaga and made prisoner by permanently attaching him with power cables to the residence. The birch tree’s role is to control everything that goes on within Baba Yaga’s realm and every ounce of information is passed by him. His overall appearance feels almost humanoid, however, his height by far too high for him to be human. He is covered by robes and his face is masked. His overall colors are chrome and his style is made to match Baba Yaga’s.

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The doll is the part

The doll is the parting gift of Vasilisa’s mother to Vasilisa as she dies. She is an android to whom a program has been integrated which makes her sole purpose helping Vasilisa and making sure she is happy throughout her life. The doll will be Vasilisa’s friend no matter what happens and will always be there to support her. She is highly intelligent, speaks multiple languages, can connect to computers and override them and is a database of most information available to Mars.

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Vasilisa and her fat

Vasilisa and her father have always lived on Mars. They may not be the wealthiest but they do live comfortably in your typical martian hut. Vasilisa has been raised in the martian routine of taking care of her own environment, growing their own vegetables, checking the air and water quality daily as well as the recycling of everything possible. In this routine, she grew up very beautiful both inside and out, she grew up, even through the constant harassment of her stepmother, to become a very responsible and resourceful young lady. Over the years, she developed quite a few useful tricks with computers, mechanics, and biology. She usually wears practical clothing inside and of course, as soon as she goes out, puts on her pressure suit. However, never really having had the occasion to play with her own style, she sticks to the purely technical and necessary things when she wears her suit outside.

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The first outfit I'v

First Developed Design for Vasilisa

The first outfit I've created is her pressure suit/spacesuit. It is a very technical garment and needs to withstand the rough climate of Mars. This outfit consists of a skin-tight bodysuit on which is layered thigh high boots, a harness, knee and elbow pads, gloves as well as a backpack and a helmet. Each element, of course, has its reason. The bodysuit, gloves, and boots serve as to cover the whole body as no skin must be in contact with the Mars atmosphere. As for the harness, it mostly serves the purpose of helping her climb rough terrain as well as attaching herself to her transportation when traveling at really high speeds. The elbow and knee pads serve a simply protective role and the backpack is filled with oxygen which travels to the helmet thanks to connecting tubes in between both elements. Of course, the color palette sticks to the classic Mars colors which are orange, white and black and the fabrics consist of a more futuristic feel, hence the stretchy thick knit which almost reminds of neoprene.

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 As for her second o

Second Design Developed for Vasilisa

As for her second outfit, her workwear attire, it serves the purpose of keeping her clean and protected when she does heavy duty tasks inside such as repairing vehicles. Her outfit consists of coveralls, tank top, heavy duty boots, heat resistant gloves and a utility belt. This time, the fabrics are more usual as it is mostly made out of canvas and the color palette stays similar to the first outfit, this time omitting the white as it gets too dirty too fast.

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