Broklin Onjei

Broklin Onjei

Diseño Gráfico
LaSalle College Vancouver

Logo designs and Process

6 Logo design projects and process from the new trends of logo design. From monogram, flat design, overlapping gradient, heraldry. I am open for collaboration, freelance project and don't be afraid to ask question. Follow my design studio on Instagram .....

Pr + P logo concept

Pro Piper

Pr + P logo concept for Pro Piper project. It is an online idea sharing forum basically for Piper aircraft enthusiasts. The idea of this monogram mark portrait an airplane track that leads you into the modern world about airplanes.

Fi + m  logo designe


Fi + m logo designed for Filamex, a private pharmacy, and retail drug store. The concept was to create something simple but remarkable by combining only 2 or 3 letters from the company name Filamex. I used the monogram idea to keep it simple but clear.

F + L + X  logo conc

FXL Media Network

F + L + X logo concept for FLX Media Network, a private telecommunication network. It was fun twisting letters and finally got this great and bold monogram result.

S + J  final logo an

Social Joystick

S + J final logo and process for Social Joystick Inc., a manufacturer of gaming joystick and other hand control devices. Most importantly, the idea was to create a logo that could still recognize or maintain the letter S + J even when rotated.

T + U + a Key  Locks

Tim UltraKey

T + U + a Key Locksmith logo design for Tim UltraKey. The inspiration behind the mark is a combination of Heraldry and monogram style to keep it modern but remarkable.

This is a flat logo

Head Quarter Childcare

This is a flat logo design concept for Head Quarter Child Care, a child care centre for children with special needs. I used a step by step idea of Semi- and Quarter Circle finding the area to portrait something not only art creative but also scientific remarkable