Marshal Crowchild

Marshal Crowchild

LaSalle College Vancouver

Team work is key

team work is everything to me from calling on others for help when needed to just being there for each other these are fundamentals to succeeding in your goals in this industry without friendship and teamwork in this industry it will forever be a challenge after all you cant run a business by yourself.

through busy days wh

down time

through busy days where you have deadlines to make and chaotic time schedules there is always days where team work and dedication will push through and having the right the right employees or relationships with coworkers makes the work load worth it

being able to have f

smile for the camera

being able to have fun when working is always enjoyable on those few seconds where you get to ask how some one is doing and offering a hand

this photo is when t

Hard work pays off

this photo is when the final day of Al La Carte class decided to have a pizza party and do a deep clean of the restaurant. i always try to be friends with everyone and help others come out of there personal shells and make the environment a friendly professional learning space for them in this class we all have worked on entrees, apps, hot apps, sautes and desserts stations along with front of house operations from running the expo line and serving guests this class has taught me a lot on speed and time management