Jessica Mena

Jessica Mena

Diseño Gráfico
LaSalle College Vancouver

The Book of Firsts

The book of firsts is an illustrated book that tells the first time stories of 30 different people. The book contains a compilation of short an- ecdotes people have chosen to share about a new experience they have gone through. The categories include life, sex and love. The illustrations are simple but they tell the story without using too many elements or be- ing too detailed. That was the main challenge, telling a story through a character and one or two objects.

“The first time I go

The First Time I Got Drunk

“The first time I got drunk, I was about sixteen years old and drank way too much. I was staying over at a friend’s house. I got up at night, I am not sure if I was sleep walking or too drunk to remember where to go but they told me what had happened the next day. In the middle of the night I walked to my friend’s parent’s room and laid in the middle of her mom and dad. Her mom thought I was my friend’s sister, but when she grabbed my wrist she realized I was skinnier, when she turned on the lights she found me fast asleep and had to walk me back to my friend’s room. I was so embarrassed and had no memory of that incident the next day.” - Anonymous, 23 years old.

“When I was 14, I st

The First Time I Moved Away From Home

“When I was 14, I started dating a rock band guy full of tattoos that was 5 years older than me. Obviously my parents didn’t ap- prove our “love” not just because of his look, but because I was too young and stupid to notice he wasn’t good for me at all. Of course I was a rebel, and fought for my right to love and my parents finally but not happily, approved. Time passed by and they still were not happy, and after two years and a half of our sick relationship, they offered me to take a semester as an exchange student in France, which I agreed. I was 17 at the time, and not experienced with drugs, sex and alcohol at all. It was my first time away from home, I was free to do whatever I wanted, and my parents were happy I wasn’t with him for a while. We were still “together” but I was far away and couldn’t stop myself from living all the new stuff I’ve never tried before, like alcohol, weed and of course sex with other guys. So I started dating a red headed guy at the same time and him and this “living away from home” experience changed me completely... I became a new girl, full of new experiences and a new person- ality. Of course, I broke up with the tattoo-guy before coming back home. Today I am happy my parents convinced me to leave my small town when I was a teenager, it made a big part of who I am today.” -Ana, 24 years old.

“The first time I sa

The First Time I Saw Someone Die

“The first time I saw someone die was when I got into an acci- dent with my sister. I was fourteen years old and we were going to an empty land so I could practice my driving. We were on the avenue when a group of teenagers started crossing the street and it was a green light so they stopped when they saw the cars coming. But there was one kid that didn’t stop. Next thing I saw was the look on his face of “I messed up” and felt/heard a slam just in front of me. I felt glass all over my face and body. It was the windshield, it broke when the guy hit the car. All I remember after that was looking to the rear view mirror and seeing him laying on the street, he had the shirt of the national soccer team on and there was a puddle of blood. He was already dead.”- Anonymous, 22 years old.