Julie Verkempinck

Julie Verkempinck

Diseño de Moda
LaSalle College | Montréal

White Out Fairy Tale - Gretel

Inspired from the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, this take on the story happens in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The year is 2093 and a nuclear bomb took out 98% of the Earth’s population and most of its animals. The remaining 2% dwell on the Earth, now a complete wasteland, desperately striving to survive every day. Many humans turned to cannibalism as a means to survival while others make it by from the small amount of vegetation still around. Amongst these survivors is a girl names Gretel. For a long time, Gretel knew that cannibalism would be the only way to survive and stay at the top of the food chain. So when Hansel said that they would have to do that, she was prepared. One morning, Gretel sat in the sand with a stick in hand and drew out a perfect plan to sneak attack the next person that would come through their little camp. The next day, Gretel watched Hansel as he followed her plan to perfection. An elderly man was killed and Gretel stayed up all night carving him into eatable pieces. From that moment on, Gretel became a savage, feared by all. After several months of comfortable survival, Gretel was on a huge power trip. She was killing almost any human that threatened her. She began crafting armor and body decoration out of the bones scavenged from her poor victims. She still wanted more though, she wanted to show everyone she was the queen of this world so she hunted down the most elusive creature in the area, the magical duck. She searched for the duck, whom once helped her in the past, and killed it. She ate the duck meat over several days and eventually wore the ducks wing bones on her back as a trophy to demonstrate her ultimate power and victory.

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