Anna Vendrell

Anna Vendrell

Design de mode
LCI Barcelona


LUMINESCENCE, is based in Alice in Wonderland history, which is full of contradictions that I intend to represent. Delicate materials. Ceramic details. Embroideries with cups and teapots. Crochet Accessories. Luminescent thread on all the stitches and hand-made patchworks with hexagon pieces making up my own wonderland. "Alice is delicate, fragile but at the same time strong and dreamer, that isn't afraid of looking into the future"

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Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/ymjeqsp5sq64zzx6uva9z3rcoitf2fau
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Autres crédits

photographers: Imma V Minguez / Albert Segarra / Anna Segui
models: Laura Brunet from MODEL ON TOP AGENCY / Elizabeth Raya / Garazi Beloki
makeup: Reyes Bueno