bella cikhita

bella cikhita

Design graphique
LaSalle College | Jakarta

Game Making

Maze Game. 4 different levels. Learning how to make game with Unity, fun and challenging!

Design graphique/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Title Screen

Title Screen

Design graphique/LaSalle College | Jakarta/This Screen will pop up if you win the level

This Screen will pop up if you win the level

The Level 2 Maze. It

The Reasonable Maze

The Level 2 Maze. Its called the reasonable maze because its not so hard and its not so easy. But still you need to finish within the time given.

The Level 3 Maze. It

The Crazy Maze

The Level 3 Maze. Its called the crazy maze because its quite hard. Its driving you crazy!! Its not as hard as impossible but it also has an obstacle , only with time!

The Level 4 Maze. It

The Impossible Maze

The Level 4 Maze. Its the hardest maze of all!! The most complicated maze and also with obstacle! You need to finish with the time given! You'll need to be hurry.

The Level 1 Maze. It

The Ordinary Maze

The Level 1 Maze. Its called the ordinary maze because its the easiest maze. You don't have any obstacle and the maze is not that hard and the time is also enough for you to finish the maze.