Jiaye Liu

Jiaye Liu

Design de mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Natural and Pure

Many fashion is take inspiration from nature,what I want to use in my garment visual identify is take inspiration from nature,and use it to design in my product.

This dress is taking

The dress of fall

This dress is taking the inspiration from fall leaves,especially the fabric's color is gorgeous.

The color of the dre

Pure flower

The color of the dress is taking from the small purple flowers,and also the pattern's shape is similar with the flower,it makes people feel pure and peaceful.

The polar light on t

The silent polar light

The polar light on the sky has a good match with snow and ocean,the cold color gives the dress silent feeling.

The living mountain

The living mountain

The living mountain makes people feeling the fresh breath and soft texture.The silk just can shows that.

The fabric of this g

Cloudy dress

The fabric of this garment is very cloudy

this dress gives peo

Contemplative view

this dress gives people contemplative feeling

this dress gives pla

placid and active

this dress gives placid and active together