Clarisa Stephanie

Clarisa Stephanie

Design de mode
LaSalle College | Jakarta


Africa and Nusa Tenggara, aparted away by the distances, but both have similiarities of the astonishing nature, diverse tribes, and cultural heritage which are unique and timeless. Plum, burgundy, mustard colors, African and Nusa Tenggara Ikat patterns are the main treasures inspires Origin for sophisticated urban women (middle-up 20-30 years old) that exclusively created with free-style draping and cutting techniques. Georgette, shantung, and tafetta are the fabrics chosen to be used for the inner garment so that can be seen pleasantly how it draped, complemented with digital prints of African motifs. Ultra big outerwear with full print of Nusa Tenggara Ikat pattern boost the garment creating voluminous looks of the Origin couture-esque. Embroidery and beading on the Ikat motifs are beautifully implemented to this collection representing the massive uses of beads in Africa, especially Samburu and Masai tribe.

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Color Scheme

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Fabric Story

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