Howdily Doodley

Brief: The Song Room is a not-for profit organization that focuses on implementing music and art programs for disadvantaged children and communities. Upon learning of their great work, Jesse Birthisel, Quila Charnock and Tameem Hassan set out to raise not only awareness but funds too. Solution: Use design for social change. This was done by creating highly sought after pins and patches. Through online platforms Pozible, Facebook, Instagram and Big Cartel as well as physical pop up shops, Howdily Doodley raised over $2000 “The Howdily Doodley boys created a wonderful, fun campaign to fundraise for the Song Room. It was a great fit with our brand and successful in terms of raising profile and funds for The Song Room. The work was prepared and carried out to a standard far higher than we expected. They were great to work with.” - Alice Gerlach, Fundraising Manager

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