Fedor Dubiley

Fedor Dubiley

Design graphique
LaSalle College Vancouver

Wine label.

One of the good news in the semester was the return of one of my favorite teachers with Packaging class. We didn't have her classes in the second semester. The first project was a Wine Label. Two parts. Part one: create wine label. Part two: create a magazine ad for one of classmates wine.

Name of the wine is


Name of the wine is - Pour Mon Amour (for my love). It is white wine. The label should bring to costumers classic family style winery spirit. This wine in its name connects two parts of Canada and Canadian culture. French name and local BC wine. Romantic & traditional Eastern (French speaking) with natural, beautiful, wild West coast. Wine for all country and for all people. Name united and deliver the warm feeling of love. This wine is positioning is mid range price, good quality local wine.Good for any occasion as a wedding, party, date or dinner for two. All these aspects are reflected in the design. Warm lines and colors, handwriting script font.

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/Magazine ad.

Magazine ad.

Because I had to mak

My real bottle.

Because I had to make the real label and wine bottle, I had some limitations in printing production. To deliver my idea I had to work in "real world" conditions..., no foil, no gold, no transparency...

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/As a second part of our Wine label project, magazine ad for my classmates wine.

As a second part of our Wine label project, magazine ad for my classmates wine.

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/My wine among other students’ works.

My wine among other students’ works.

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Special thanks to my teacher - Janet McDonald.