Abdurrahman Benomran

Abdurrahman Benomran


Collège LaSalle | Montréal


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Arts et design, Cuisine et restauration, Design d'intérieur, Gestion, Langues, Marketing et affaires électroniques, Photographie, Ressources humaines, Sciences humaines, Tourisme


My name is Abdurrahman Benomran a 22-year-old business management student at LaSalle College, from Libya. I came to Montreal as a student 3 years ago to continue my education. I finished high school in 2011then I traveled to Egypt and took English and accounting courses for 13 months and that has helped me throughout my studies at college LaSalle. I always wanted to be a businessman and start my own business, that’s why I chose college LaSalle to help me develop my business skills and myself. My passion is soccer, and I like sports in general, I also like Soccer, video games, traveling, business, Volunteer Work/Community Involvement, cooking, and reading.

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My Interest:Soccer

par Abdurrahman Benomran
Collège LaSalle | Montréal
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Soft skills:

Problem Solving
Strong Work Ethic
Able to Listen
Accept Feedback
Critical Thinking
Handling Pressure

Hard Skills:

Using Word processors (Word)
Using spreadsheets (Excel)
Using presentation software (Powerpoint)
Ability with maths
Familiarity with technical language
Link building
Event management
Managing company social media profiles
Use of Adobe software e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator
Familiarity with particular phone systems
Proficiency in a foreign language
The ability to operate certain machinery (fork lifts)

Skilled In providing quick customer service.
Good knowledge of maintaining cash register and other cash related procedures.
Experienced in monetary transactions such as giving out and receiving change.


Experience in sales:

I worked as a salesman for about 3 years at a family store, selling mobile phones.

Experience in delivering food:

I worked in the industry of delivering food for 15 months in different businesses and environments.


Graduated from Asaad Ben Alforat high school in 2011.

I have studied as an independent student at Concordia University in accounting, mathematics, interpersonal relationships and management 2014-2015

Prix et distinctions

I received an a ward of the 2nd best player of the soccer tournament in high school

Employee of the week 2 times at pizza pizza