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ROTAB ``The world of dates``

ROTAB is a unique concept in Canada that consists of a shop of dates from all the world (Algeria, Tunisia, USA, KSA, DUBAI, IRAK, etc...) They are natural dates, then transformed into small cakes, handmade in Quebec. ROTAB is my current project that I am launching with my family, putting all my knowledge that I am learning at College Lasalle as part of my DEC in business management. With the dates, we sell a large variety of teas from several countries (China, Japan, India, Srilanka, Kenya etc ...) Dates and teas is a pleasant and delicious combination, it is a concept that I plan to develop with my family so that it becomes an international franchise.

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Dates & Tea

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Dates with nuts and pistachio

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Dates with chocolate & nuts

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Fresh dates & Dates with almonds paste