gisele kameni

gisele kameni

Collège LaSalle | Montréal


I am a very diverse person, i love sports, fashion but, what i really consisder to be a passion of mine, would have to be travelling.

One of my many passi


One of my many passions is traveling. I was too young to remember my first flight but since then I did a few. In a pass few years I visited city like London, New York, New Jersey, Wales, Varadero, Punta Cana and Florida. I also visited city in Canada and Cameroon, such as Ottawa, Trois-Rivière, Sherbrooke, Yaoundé, Douala and others. I really love moving around and see different cultures; I think it open human mind and heart

Being the only child


Being the only child wasn't always easy for my dad. He is a single dad raising a girl, we went through our phases that why today all i want to do is do him proud. I am very family oriented and always include family in any of my plan.