Jill St Juste

Jill St Juste

Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Always Team Captain

First year, I worked with different classmates and after some observation, I decided who I can work with. By the second year, I decided to form my own group going forward. I asked Laura, Francisco, and Damien for whatever classes we have together, we will be in group together and they accepted. For projects, I was and always am the team leader. I learn to be decisive and manage time appropriately when I assign assignments and deadlines. I learn to be open-minded to my teammates ideas and incorporate it into the project. Most importantly, I learn to delegate task to teammates and trust they'll be able to do the task according to my directives. For instance, when it comes to media, I usually do it myself. For the "A Kiss of Spring," I allowed my colleague to create the commercial clip for the project and the end result was great.

My group and I at th

Finishing Touch of Project

My group and I at the library cutting out butterflies for our presentation.

Presentation of our

Huge Success

Presentation of our project at Salle Jean Morin.

Autres crédits

Laura Patricia Salazar Suero, Francisco Fernando Sulbaran Sanchez, Junghoon Lee