Anthony Iannantuono

Anthony Iannantuono


Collège LaSalle | Montréal


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Arts et lettres, Cuisine et restauration, Design de produits, Design d'intérieur, Éducation, Gestion, Langues, Marketing et affaires électroniques, Photographie, Planification d'évènements, Ressources humaines, Sciences humaines, Tourisme


If you are looking for a team player who understands the dynamics of hard work, consistency and synergy I am your greatest asset. Although I am a team player and understand that the team comes first I am very competitive. I do not do anything without wanting to be the absolute best. I love sports, specifically team sports. I am extremely enthusiastic and probably the most optimistic person on earth. I believe any day that you haven't learnt something is a waste of time. For security reasons please contact me through Facebook or email;

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Personal skills- Extremely outgoing, natural leader, hard worker, honest, patient.
My biggest personal asset is empathy, I can always place myself in someone else's shoes to understand what is expected of me in order to minimize conflict.

Hands on skills- Painting (cutting, rolling, gun, wallpaper, epoxy, artistic paintings and design), Plaster, Carpentry Finishing (Floors, Trims, Doors, Cabinets, Accent Walls), Demolition, Ceramics (Floors, Backslash, Counter tops).


I have been working since I was 14 but since not all jobs are relevant to my present field of work we will start in 2010, just when I graduated high school.

2010- 2012 Jarry Auto Parts/ Shipper. My job was to double check pieces and make sure they were shipped to the proper locations.

2012-2013 Les Peintre FAB/ Painter. I started working as an apprentice painter learning the construction industry, specifically the painting field.

2013-2015 Ambiance Peinture/ Painter/ Foreman. After a year of showing great improvement my boss made me a foreman. Being the fastest, cleanest and most enthusiastic painter in the company my boss made me assemble a small team of workers which I had to delegate. I also had to work with the general contractors, safety inspectors and promoters to stay on schedule, respect the working norms as well as the budget.

2016 Peinture Europe/ Painter, Spray man. Although I loved my previous job I had never learnt to spray paint (industrial painting with a spray-gun) because the previous company did not spray. When the opportunity came to finally be able to learn I accepted that position without hesitation.

2014-Present Day. I opened up a painting and varnishing company which quickly expanded to home renovation and finishing. This is my passion and is what I live for, however I do not have enough contacts or contracts to do this work full time.


Centennial Academy 2005-10

Vainer College 2010-13 (1 year of day school, 2 years night school)

Lasalle College 2016-18

Prix et distinctions

Academic art award two years in a row (secondary 4-5).

Rookie Rugby award in secondary 1.

MVP Rugby award in Secondary 4.

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