Julie Verkempinck

Julie Verkempinck

Design de mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Freakshow - Ashelia Blanche, the Robot Doll

On July 27th, 1781, in the city of Marseille, France, a baby girl was born, Ashelia Blanche. With every passing year, she grew into the most beautiful girl in the country. At the age of 18, every man who crossed her path would fall madly in love with her and did anything in their power to make her their wife. She wanted to find her true love but every time she would truly start to have feelings for a man, they would vanish, leaving Ashelia with a broken heart but a desire to find love again. One evening, Ashelia was going to meet her lover when she finally discovered what was happening with all the men she fell for. Her father was killing them every time he saw that he was losing her to another man. Ashelia confronted her father the next day and threatened to run away. With the fear of actually losing her, Ashelia’s father did a horrible thing. Using the power of black magic that dwelled within his blood, he transformed Ashelia into a doll. Ashelia was now doomed to wander the earth with nothing but a beating heart and a soulless shell. 200 years later, Miss Volatile travelled to Marseille in hopes of finding Ashelia. She heard about her through a messenger from her group of freaks back in Mexico. After several days of searching for her, Miss V found herself standing in front of a tiny house in the woods by a pond. The house was clearly uninhabited. She explored every room and found nothing but she kept her hopes up as she walked up to the last room at the end of the hall way on the second floor. She slowly opened the creaky door and her face froze as she saw Ashelia sitting on a bench in front of a mirror with a blank stare. “Hello”, Miss V said. There was no response, until Ashelia twitched and slowly turned her head to face Miss V. Absolutely astonished by her beauty, Miss V walked up to Ashelia, took her worn out plastic hand in hers and welcomed her into her circus of freaks with a sinister smile. Back in Mexico, Miss V acknowledged Ashelia’s wear and tear. Ashelia could barely stand on her own because of how old her plastic body was. With the help of some freaks from her show, they gave her entirely new robotic body parts as well as a wind up key so that Miss V can control Ashelia as she pleases.

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Key made out of insu

Ashelia's Key

Key made out of insulation foam, covered in worbla and painted with acrylics.