Grizelda Nichole Christabel Tendean

Grizelda Nichole Christabel Tendean

LaSalle College | Jakarta


The BASEPUNK theme is based on a fusion of baseball as a sport & punk as a culture. Combination of two different aspects, sporty & rebellious. The wardrobe selection is mainly monochrome with a touch of identical color of baseball sport. Creates a feeling of a mysterious story. From the "Trend Analysis" class, the photo shoot divided into the studio and roof section. BASEPUNK - STUDIO shows the darker sight of punk and the fierce character.


The preview of Basepunk Photoshoot - Studio

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Photographer: Adhika Dhananjaya
Models: Francielle & Greg
Make Up: Tarina Tjhoa
Stylist: Edelyn Lim, Grizelda Nichole, Patricia Mulyaharja
Editor: Grizelda Nichole